Makeup Ideas With Glasses

A good makeover is done using a good base as it is made of a clean and moist skin. Base use in make-up is the first step in making a perfect make-up. The make-up bases smooth the skin, as well as provide protection from imperfections such as capillaries and skin stains.

Makeup is a matter of how some of the specialists are not all women should know how to use it. The bases not only enhance the closure of the foundation, but also provide good dispersion and durability of the makeup materials applied on it. In make-up the base application is applied not only to the face but also to the face. Sometimes a good moisturizer should be used first and a very thin layer should be used for cautions. The base can be applied with sponge and brush as well as with fingertips.

Why have we used some make-up to answer the questions above. If the skin is covered with a thin veil, it can be said that the base is used correctly. If we go back to ask some of the makeup; All skin flaws from black point to capillary cracks should be covered. In addition to this, the skin is ready for a good make-up and provides the make-up permanence. The use of base in make-up prevents shine on the skin.

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