Makeup for blondes

How different is the Asian market compared with the European market? The two markets are not looking at the same ranges. In Asia, people are focused on pigmentation, antiaging and so on. This is not really a European concern. We do not work on dark spots the same way as we do in Asia. Another difference is the regulation. I think in Asia, you are allowed to try more AHA, while we have very restrictive regulations in Europe.

What are the factors that beauticians should highlight to customers when using Bernard Cassiere?

I think if you use Bernard Cassiere, you adopt a kind of philosophy.

I think the beauticians should first try to explain this philosophy to the customers, that we are a family company. Choosing to work with Bernard Cassiere, our main concern is to propose innovative and effective products. We are always searching for new ingredients and new concepts. If a customer goes to a beauty salon, she wants efficiency but if she could also relax at the same time, it is just perfect.

About Bernard Cassiere’s Trainer, Morane Bernicot.

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