Makeup for Baggy Eyes


Eyelids with more puff than pastry are a common indication offluid retention, which occurs when liquid waste accumulates in the delicate under-eye tissue. This is caused by the slowing down of lymph circulation, particularly overnight when the eyelids are not movingto promote drainage. Poorcirculation, hormone cycles and oily skincare products all exacerbate the problem, and the only way to improve puffy eyes in the long term is to cut down on your intake of salt, caffeine and alcohol (especially red wine), and stick to a diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables; drinking eight glasses of water a day also helps.

If you do not fancy changing your diet or lifestyle, there are products available that act as a poultice by drawing out excess fluid to help reduce the prominence of under-eye bags (Clarins and Estee Lauder both make effective ones). These work in much the same way as traditional remedies such as cold tea bags or cucumber slices. Tapping lightly underthe eye area with an index finger for a couple of minutes also produces visible results.


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