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Soak your fingertips in a bowl ofwarm water for a couple of minutes, massage olive oil into your cuticles, then gently push them back with a wooden cuticle stick.


Before you apply your polish, remove any excess oil from your fingers to ensure the formula will adhere, then brush on a base coat. “Once this layer has dried, apply two coats of polish, cleaning up any residue with a cotton bud dipped in remover,” says Hutchings.

Score shinier locks and brighter skin the morning after the night before BODY ACHES, MESSY HAIR, crusty eyes, cracked lips and a sore throat. No, you haven’t just made it back to base after getting lost in the outback, you did one too many shots at your work Christmas party. Ugh.

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While you might be a far cry from the glammed-up babe who was rocking it at karaoke the night before, your usual zit-free complexion and perfectly styled hair isn’t totally out of reach -promise. Blitz yourself a recovery green juice and get acquainted with these morning-after beauty fixes before you walk (*cough*, crawl) out of the house.

What do you get when you mix four jugs of sangria with three hours of sleep? An achy head – and a dull complexion. Thanks to dehydration, excess toxins and minimal sleep, a wild night out can impair your skin’s ability to regenerate itself, says Emily Black, skin therapist at Ella Bache. “To get your glow back the morning after, try doing a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and revitalise your complexion,” she suggests. Once your skin is squeaky clean, massage in a serum loaded with energising vitamins C and E for extra radiance. TRY: 1 Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, $36.95 2 Ella Bache Radiance C Ampoules, $195

In news that will shock no one, mojitos aren’t all that great at keeping your bod hydrated, which means if you forgot to chase your bevvies with a glass of water last night, your skin’s going to be mighty parched. “Thirsty skin needs water, so now’s the time to reach for your hydrating boosters, spritzes and masks,” says Hobson. Formulas made with hyaluronic acid will send dry skin packing in minutes, so grab a moisturising serum and whack on a cloth or gel face mask while you curl up on the couch with some How.

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