How to Make Painted Hair Care?

Curly hair hair care especially moisturizing hair and cream preferences. Because the curly hair will have a clearer flake layer, it will need to close the flake layer and choose shampoos and creams that will make it look brighter and balance its moisture. If you apply shampoo to the flake layers moisturizer will be closed and more beautiful curls will be both brighter.

In addition, the pH balance of the hair will be fixed. Besides, some oily products may be preferred to the ends of the hair for healthier and healthier appearance. Lightly with the fingertips of our oily product, if there are parts that are electrified in the hair, it is lightly applied to them and the electricity is destroyed.Hem also fixes the necessary moisture and oil balance of the hair ends.

In order to be brighter and slippery we can also benefit from hair serum. When we spray our hair to the ends of the hair in small tufts, the hair at the well-tipped ends are repaired and a more vivid appearance is obtained. With a silicone-based product we will repair the fractures at the ends of the hair to get brighter, more vibrant wavy hair.

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