Mahogany violet hair color

I’ve gotten full-body rubdowns with special hair-removing mitts. I’ve gotten Brazilian bikini waxes on one occasion, I got a Brazilian in Brazil. On another, I was filmed getting a Brazilian, and the resulting footage (which showed only my face) was used in a music video. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the endeavor.

I am, by turns, wildly excited by new developments in Mahogany violet hair color hair-removal technology and disappointed that there’s nothing definitive yet on the market (it’s the single biggest way that science has failed me).

I’m not like this about any other grooming processes. I don’t color the hair society approves of (the stuff on my head) as often as I should, I rarely get facials, and I never get manicures. But I am a compulsive, obsessive, and, I like to Mahogany violet hair color, imaginative, depilator.

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