Luxury Angels & Stars Suites and Spa

Somewhere in Santorini, the beautiful and luxurious Angels & Stars Suites and Spa is unveiling this season. The sumptuous hotel features elegance and a modern Cycladic style, allowing for guests to enjoy one of its 30 lavish suites. Located up high on the Imerovigli cliffs, the hotel will also allow for breathtaking views to be enjoyed, while also providing for a private experience despite its vast expanse.

The Angels boasts personal pools that over-hang the sea, while each suite has a intimate feel to it, making you feel quite like home. The clean, crisp, white decor will definitely get you in a R&R mood, and you may also opt out for a jacuzzi suite or a private infinity pool. Now, if you’re gonna cool off, why not do it in style, right? Serenity and bliss are the best words to describe this ideal retreat.

Don’t think you’ll get bored; from the spa, to the wine tasting, the Angels offer the supreme experience in matter of style and comfort. Oh, and please note that in true Aqua Vista style, the luxury hotel even has the authority on the most delicious food. Two restaurants will make your choice difficult every time you feel hungry, teasing you with the traditional flavors of the very best Greek cuisine, with each dish boasting a more contemporary flair to please every palette.

The Angels features 10 standard suites, 12jacuzzi suites, four plunge pool suites and four private infinity pool suites. Besides, the hotel is situated at the highest point in the center of the village of Imerovigli, Santorini. Perfect!

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