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When buying a wig, give some thought to color of long women hairstyles 2015. Usually, you’ll want to match the color of your present hair. Many companies will custom dye wigs to match your natural color of long women hairstyles . Provide your wig supplier with a swatch of your own hair, or a sample hair color chosen from a hair coloring product. If you don’t have your wig custom colored, examine the color swatches provided by var ious wig manufacturers to achieve the closest match.

Another important consideration when buying a wig is its cap. This is the part of the wig that fits directly on your scalp, and there are several types.

• Wefted wigs have pieces of hair sewn into the cap itself and look virtually capless.

• Mesh caps are made from very fine material in long women hairstyles which individ iial hairs are woven hy hand into nylon or polyester based net ting. Some mesh caps are coated with thin latex to create the Ülusion of a scalp with hair growing out of it.

• Vacuum caps provide aii airtight seal on your scalp for a better fit of long women hairstyles 2015. The cap is made from silicone that can be tinted to match the color of your skin. Wigs with vacuum caps fit so securely on your head that you can participate in sports or drive in a convertible without fear of the wig flying off. These wigs last two to three years.

• Hair integration caps feature openings that let you pull your existing hair through for a fuller, more natural look.

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