Long Women Hairstyles 2015

Balding hair would be better than none at ali. It may look sexy on ali those actors and athletes, but I doubt he’d be happy ali bald … and he’d have to be happy for me to be happy.” Jan is a twenty-year-old college student, single and not dating anyone in particular, but socially active and quite popular. “Most of the guys I date and come in contact with stili have hair. My profs are bald some of them more than others. Long Women Hairstyles 2015  More guys are wearing their hair real short nowadays, and a few even shave themselves. I think that’s a litde extreme. I guess it’s popular among some of the jocks, especially the basketball players and some swimmers. Can’t say it bothers me. My Dad and most of my uncles and one of my granddads are balding by different degrees. Long Women Hairstyles 2015  I’ve met guys who are losing some hair, and it doesn’t bother me at ali. It’s the guy’s personality that counts. Nice guys are nice guys regardless of their hair, and jerks are jerks no matter how much or little hair they have. “There are no guarantees in life, either. Just ’cause a guy has hair when you fail in love with him or even marry him, he may not probably won’t keep it. Long Women Hairstyles 2015   Marry a nice guy with a little hair going out and you’ll probably have a nice guy ali your life. Marry a jerk with a lot of hair and you’ll have a jerk till you can’t stand it anymore, I figüre.

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