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Selecting from a Triety of hair diet Types that reflect a wide range of tastes and approaches is a timely concept, since choice has become the rule among health minded eaters. Today’s style of hair dieting is far more flexible than fanatic, with purists and pleasure seekers alike aiming toward a middle ground. Strict health food types show signs of becoming more relaxed, too. The New York Times recently reported that some otherwise conscientious folks have been allowing themselves more meat, ice cream, pizza and candy in recent years. They have also been buying more walking than running shoes, and switching to the softer, low impact kind of aerobics. In short, they have been easing up on the absolutist, obsessive approach to nutrition and fitness.
At the same time, Americans are showing greater interest in vegetarian based cuisines without necessarily becoming full fledged converts. The consumption of fresh vegetables is up 12 percent since 1980. Middle Eastern, Indian and Mexican restaurants, which feature grains and beans, have become more popular. Those with newfound reverence for vegetables who still pile their plates with chicken and fish are proudly describing themselves as “polyvegetarians.” Even the most casual eaters and diehard red meat fans are demanding and buying more “lite” alternatives lower in fat, salt, sugar, cholesterol and other undesirables. It is becoming trendy to eat healthy, to have more vegetables and grains, to indulge in smaller portions of familiar fatty favorites. The ultralean 3 ounce steak is fast replacing the well marbled 16 
ounce 1riety. It is also easier to find nonmeat meals at elegant restaurants.
What can we make of all this? People on all sides of the hair diet spectrum are experimenting with alternative ways of eating, showing more flexibility and allowing for greater 1riety in their own meals. They are interested in eating for pleasure as well as protection from serious disease, including obesity. Most important, they are trying to find their own place in the hair diet scheme and are confirming the need for individual choices instead of following one hair diet “ideology” designed for all.

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