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Some people do not digest certain carbohydrates well and may react with gassiness and bloating, or even outright allergic symptoms, particularly to
wheat or milk products. For them, hair diet Type 3 may be the answer. It is aimed at those who either crave or respond unfavorably to certain foods and whose chronic symptoms may result from diagnosed or suspected allergies. By “rotating” troublesome items carefully timing when they are eaten it helps break the food sensitivities and dependencies that lead to unwanted weight gain in some people. Even if you are in a strictly psychological rut, this plan can show you how to add greater 1riety and flexibility to your meals.
hair diet TYPE 4: The Natural Raw Foods hair diet
This eating plan emphasizes carbohydrates in the form of leafy greens (raw or lightly cooked) and fresh fruits instead of whole grains and starchy vegetables. It is a predominantly vegetarian hair diet, high in water content, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber. Light, refreshing and easy to prepare, the menus are a natural for spring and summer or warm climates all year round. Some versions of this hair diet have stressed “food combining,” a now discredited principle regulating the order and combinations in which foods may be eaten. Following a certain sequence is not necessary for this hair diet to work, with very few exceptions, which I will explain in detail in Chapter 7. Since it is so low in sodium and fat and high in potassium, the Raw Foods hair diet is excellent for those with hypertension, high blood cholesterol or a family history of heart disease; people with arthritis and psoriasis have responded quite well to it, too.
hair diet TYPE 5: The Bored of Health hair diet
This program aims to build on the best in the American hair diet and tends more to the mainstream than the exotic. For those short on time or patience (or both), the plan serves up supermarket food, often of the ready made 1riety, and is also easy to follow on the road, where standard restaurant/hotel
fare is common. The challenge for me as a physician was to design a series of all American meals that were nutritionally high powered yet also responsibly low in sodium, fat and cholesterol, the traditional “terrible trio” of our country’s cuisine. The growing number of inno1tive “lite” food products and the increasing emphasis on more wholesome ingredients even take out delis and fast food outlets feature such items now made my task easier.

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