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All Calories Are Not Alike
Beware: Fat is the most concentrated food you can eat. Just one gram of it supplies 9 calories, compared to 4 for the same amount of carbohydrate or protein. In fact, a recent study by Mark Hegsted, a noted professor of nutrition at the Har1rd School of Public Health, found that fat may be “worth” as much as 11 calories per gram, or aliaost three times as much as protein or carbohydrate! He and other researchers have concluded that the fat in our hair diets is more easily converted into body fat than is any other kind of food.
What’s more, a Swiss study found that when we eat fat, the body bums only 3 percent of its calories to store it. But packing away the same amount of carbohydrate uses up 23 percent of the calories from a meal. Since it doesn’t come naturally, storing carbohydrate takes more of a toll. Of course, the body prefers the much easier job of retaining fat  which is why you’ll gain more weight from a high fat meal than a low fat one, even if they add up to the same number of calories.
their normal weight are believed to be burdened with a greater than average number of fat cells.)

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