Long Wavy Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces Haircuts And Hair Diet

Slow Down and Get Moving!
On a quick weight loss hair diet, which is typically very high in protein and low in carbohydrates, the body is forced to draw on its stored carbohydrates, or glycogen, for energy. This power supply, in solution with water, is found in both the muscles and liver. However, if few ready carbohydrates are a1ilable in the hair diet, these glycogen reserves are soon exhausted, and the body must then turn to two other sources of stored calories: fat and protein. Ironically, the burning of stored fat requires some minimal amounts of carbohydrates, to prime the metabolic pump, so to speak. Thus, carbohydrate deficit also means that fat cannot be properly utilized, which leaves the body no choice but to make fuel (glucose) out of its stored muscle and structural protein tissue by a process called “gluconeogenesis.” As you hair diet in any “crash” or unbalanced way at the expense of carbohydrates, you rapidly run out of stored glycogen and consequently lose a lot of lean muscle tissue, along with some fat and a good deal of water.
Once you go off the quick fix hair diet and begin eating normally again, chances are you’ll gain back the lost pounds, and then some. Remember, your body, acting in self defense, has already slowed down its energy burning rate, which means it requires fewer calories to keep all systems running than it did before. Thus, “normal” eating will represent more than what your body needs, and can easily turn into extra weight. Worse, the pounds will

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