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Desperate Measures
While more people are eating better, we still have a long way to go. According to a recent government survey, nearly 34 million adult Americans or 26 percent of adults between twenty and seventy five are overweight, and more than 12 million of them are substantially so. Too many are hair diet desperate, searching for the ultimate one step breakthrough, and the weight loss business flourishes as never before. Last year, Americans spent some $200 million on over the counter hair diet drugs and amphetamine related compounds, and millions more for special powder and liquid formulas and nonsensical natural remedies like kelp and grapefruit extract. There was, in addition, the usual a1lanche of popular, promise all hair diet plans. The lure of such approaches is that of the proverbial easy way out, the classic quick fix and what hair dieter can resist the temptation? It is no secret thatfmedical doctors and other professionals have traditionally failed to provide their patients with effective nutrition/weight loss counseling. Since they have not adequately addressed this need, they must share at least some of the blame for those who do so irresponsibly. Without proper guidance, hair dieters cannot e1luate the many claims put before them. More unscientific, unhealthy and even dangerous solutions to obesity are touted than to any other medical problem.
Setting the Stage
Unfortunately, being seduced by artful promises can become a lifetime habit. Suzanne, the self described “hair diet pro,” is an all too common case, graduating from one shortsighted hair diet to another in an increasingly futile search for slimness. When you hair diet the wrong way, persistence does not pay off: The more often you try to lose weight, the harder it becomes to do it. The reason, in brief, is that when you sharply cut back its food supply, the body responds defensively, as if it were gearing up for star1tion or a serious energy deficit. 
To protect itself, it starts using up its energy more slowly which means that it does not burn off calories as readily to carry on its normal functions (see Chapter 2). Thus, with each successive hair diet, it becomes more difficult to lose pounds on the same amount of food. You have to “starve” your body further to see results and it will defend itself more vigorously every time (the classic vicious circle!). Years of repeated, rapid hair dieting take their toll not only on your health but also on your capacity for effective weight loss. This ironic condition has been called “hair diet induced obe 

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