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Axillary referring to the armpit area.
biological half-life half of the time that a drug will remain in the body.
BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) a noncancerous condition related to aging in men whereby the prostate gland swells, usually to a size that reduces the urine flow and pre-vents the bladder from emptying completely, causing fre-quent and difficult urination. camouflage in this context, the practice of coloring the scalp with powders and other materials to make it contrast less with the thinning hair, thus making it less visible to others. 
Catagenic phase the second phase of a hair’s life cycle, in which the hair’s growth slows and its root rises in the follicle to a level nearer the surface of the skin; this stage lasts only a few weeks. central medulla the material in the çenter of a hair shaft that gives it its size and shape and determines its degree of straightness or curl. chemotherapy chemical treatment, usually of cancers, using drugs that have high levels of toxicity, frequently causing temporary alopecia universalis. 
Cholesterol a constituent of animal fat that is produced in the body, mainly by the liver out of saturated fat, and is essential to many body processes and life itself. dermal papilla the juncture in the dermis where the hair makes contact with its blood supply, takes its nourishment from the arterial blood, and discharges its waste products back into the venous blood. dermis the layer of skin below the epidermis within which the hair follicles, the sebaceous glands, and the hair muscles reside.
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