Long Tousled 2015 Hairstyles with Bangs

Long, Tousled Hairstyles with Bangs Haircuts And Hair Care

Gene the biological material that determines a specific hered-itary characteristic of an individual. gene therapy a treatment method that involves the manipula-tion of an individual’s genetic makeup. habituation the formation of an individual’s habit systems. hair a threadlike outgrowth that is an appendage of the skin, or dermis, of mammals. Long Tousled 2015 Hairstyles with Bangs hair weaving, hair integration, or hair intensification a process by which thinning hair is made to look fuller by attaching to it real or artificial hairs through one of several intenveaving processes. hepatic pertaining to the liver. hepatic disease a disease of the liver. hepatitis an infection of the liver caused by one of several viruses.
Long Tousled 2015 Hairstyles with Bangs hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver. hormone a chemical substance, formed by a gland of the body, that circulates in the blood and regulates specific functions of the body. hypertension elevated blood pressure.

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