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Hair Cloning

Cloning making exact replicas of hair like documents off a copy machine may make it possible for you to have an unlimited crop of donor long straight cut hair for a hair transplant. That way, a long straight cut hairstyles transplant surgeon can fiil in your balding areas without worrying about how much hair is left at the donor site.

Experiments into hair cloning are being conducted in the United States and Great Britain.

Sunstar, Inc, of Japan manufactures Norreticuline and Reticuline, two drugs known as isoquinolines, which are opium alkaloids but do not have the narcotic effect or addiction potential.

Both drugs appear to stimulate hair follicle cells in lab dishes. Norreticuline has activated hair growth in mice, and researchers believe the drugs could do the same in humans when applied topically. But how the drugs work to grow long straight cut hairstyles has not been investigated in detail.

Minoxidil Like Medicines

The success of minoxidil as a hair restorer has led scientists to examine other drugs that are used in the treatment of hypertension. Among those that grow perms hair when applied topically are pinacidil, cromakalim, and diazoxide.

In experiments with monkeys, diazoxide (applied topically) thickened hair, enlarged the hair follicles, and accelerated the hair growing cycle from telogen to anagen. Apparently, testing on the drug’s hair growing benefits are under way. As an oral medication diazoxide has numerous side effects, including serious heart problems.
None of these drugs has been officially approved to treat long straight cut hair loss.

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