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 A bowl of soup, a dish consisting of one or two whole grains, some assorted cooked vegetables, a marinated salad, a bean dish and a small amount of fish (up to several times a week) make up a customary menu. The cooked foods are prepared by sauteing, baking, pressure cooking, steaming and/or stir frying to retain maximum nutritional 1lue. Whole grains are featured at every meal, and a wide 1riety of leafy, root and ground vegetables, mostly cooked or pickled, are recommended daily, along with occasional cooked fruits (locally grown, if possible). In the macrobiotic scheme, the whole grains considered most desirable are brown rice, barley, buckwheat, com, millet, whole oats and whole wheat.
One thing that distinguishes this high fiber hair diet from the more Westernized ones is the use of high protein soy products, such as tofu and soy milk, to replace meat and dairy foods. (Rice syrup and bar 

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