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Sound familiar? That’s why most of us gain back every-thing we ever lost on diets and end up heavier than when we started out in the first place. We’d have been better off never to have started on a diet.
Quick weight loss is usually temporary. The reiative starvation Long Sexy Hairstyles that is required can be extremely dangerous.
So how do we avoid this futile and vicious cycle? Remember, muscle even at rest Long Sexy Hairstyles burns forty times the calories that fatty tissue can. Start off with a couple of weeks of exercise, building yourself up to a fairly vigorous workout, before you even begin to think of dieting. What does that do? It fools your system. Activity does just the opposite of what “hibemation” does. It resets your metabolism “set point” higher. It mobilizes your storage fat to release needed energy. The body does not have to “conserve” because it knows you’re not hibemating; you’re active, and your body knows that active animals forage for food when they need it. It does not think it has to “conserve to maintain basic life functions.” Fat will mobilize, and your extra inches will come off. And you’ll stili be eating, so you won’t be tearing down muscle and vital organs through starvation.
To reduce your diet by five hundred calories a Long Sexy Hairstyles day is simple for us overweight folks. Actually, if you only want to lose ten or fifteen pounds, your increased exercise will probably do that without having to change your diet; just don’t increase your food intake to compensate for the calories you bum off. Of course, if you are trying to gain weight, compensate ali you want.

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