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SQUASH (soft skinned, or summer): Should be fresh, heavy for its size and tender. Choose small to medium sizes. Refrigerate and use as soon as possible. SQUASH (hard shelled, or winter): Avoid any with soft areas. Hubbards can be stored six months or longer; acorn squash, three to six months. Keep in a dry, well ventilated area at room temperature. Don’t refrigerate.
STRING BEANS: Small, smooth ones are best; bumps denote toughness.
TOMATOES: Choose firm, smooth, unbruised and plump looking tomatoes with good color and stems attached. Most tomatoes require further ripening at home. Place away from direct sunlight. Putting tomatoes in a bag hastens ripening. Don’t refrigerate until fully red ripe, then use within a few days. Note: Tomatoes grown outdoors may have twice as much vitamin C as those grown in winter greenhouses.

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