Long razored layered haircuts

Ql have slightly wavy Long razored layered haircuts How can I increase the A Even pin-straight hair can be made wavy if it’s cut properly and prepped with the right products. Stay away from razor-cutting (it creates frizz), and instead, ask your stylist to “slice layers into your Long razored layered haircuts that enhance your wave pattern,” says curl guru Ouidad.

If you don’t specify that you’re going for waves, your stylist is apt to give you a style that’s meant to be worn straight, since this is the easiest way to cut. After showering, aid curl formation by applying a lightweight styling lotion to damp tresses in one-inch-wide sections, so that you coat all your hair Last Long razored layered haircuts, use a diffuser to dry, tipping your head to each side and lifting hair in bunches while aiming heat at roots.

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I have thick heavy, long hair After I wash, it gets frizzy, and blowdrying only seems to make it worse. How can I keep it silky Smooth? Anna, London

To reduce your fuzz factor; run a styling cream containing dimethicone (aka, silicone) through freshly washed locks, recommends celebrity stylist and Kiehl’s spokesperson Kevin Mancuso.

Next attach the air-compressing nozzle to your dryer and blow hair dry in small sections. Keep your dryer six inches above hair not directly on it or you’ll “blow frizz into it” says Mancuso. Also, use a medium-speed setti ng to steer clear of flyaways. TRY:Kiehl’s Stylist Series Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream for Long razored layered haircuts.

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