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Even if tobacco does not injure or kili your hair outright via toxicity, it gready affects circulation to ali organs of your body, reducing circulation to the hair follicles and surrounding tissues as well. Where there is poor circulation, there is retarded growth; where there is no circulation, there is no growth and death of the follicles death to the hair.
Tobacco can speed the rate at which you naturally lose your hair.
More important is the detrimental effect of inhaled tobacco smoke on whatever treatment you decide to pursue in your effort to regrow hair. It will retard the effect of any medication you may choose, and if you elect a surgical resolution it can seriously retard the healing and final result of the chosen procedure.
In short: if you smoke, quit! Quit now! That in itself may slow the rate at which you lose hair. It will certainly give whatever hair-regrowth treatment you elect its best chance at success. The program described in this appendix will help you kick your habit. Ninety-five percent of ali smokers who success-fully quit do so on their own, without nicotine patches, chew-ing gums, or other devices. You can do it, too. If you do not smoke but you live with a smoker, his or her second-hand smoke will also harm your chances of keeping or growing new hair. 

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