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Jack’s throaty vocals and intricate guitar work coupled with Charlie’s expert fiddle playing invariably give the punters excellent value for money and tonight they added bass clarinet, Long little boys haircuts harmonium and xylophone to deliver an enjoyable evening of what can only be described as real folk’. Long little boys haircuts Their work is always finely crafted, fresh and compelling and both are musical perfectionists, although they do rely heavily on electronically created resonating sounds to give their music a haunting feel.

The couple managed just 11 numbers in their two sets with six taken from the latest offering. Long little boys haircuts What We Remember got things underway and featured some clever changes of pace whilst on Navigator and the instrumental Cloud Inversion they created some amazing sound effects. Long little boys haircuts For me though, the stand out number from the new album was A Hymn To The Wolves; a really beautiful song and one worth checking out on their website.

It was half-way through the second set before Charlie chipped in with some gorgeous backing vocals on one of their concert staples Leaves, a strange tale of an imaginary conversation between two leaves! With Jack hailing from the border town of Carlisle it was inevitable that they would include Debatable Lands from TWO FINE DAYS, a great song highlighting the centuries of conflict between England and Scotland.

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