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What if I lose too much?
It’s essential that you go through the first three weeks of the Beverly Hills hair diet and totally detoxify your body. If you should really get too thin, joy of joys you can always gain it back. If at the end of Week One you’re at your goal, you could skip Week Two and go on Week Three for two weeks in a row.
When will I know if I’ve lost enough?
Your best friend, the scale, will tell you. Don’t rely on your mirror. And don’t succumb to the temptation of listening to your friends. They are used to seeing you fat, and any significant weight loss will impress them. Only you and your scale can make that determination.
When I first decided to go all the way, I thought 105 would be ideal. Once there, I found myself saying, “Well, if I could only lose three more pounds.” I had to get to 97 before I was fully convinced I’d arrived. What a thrill being “101 pounds of fun” and a “99 pound weakling!” And what fun gaining tfiose five pounds back and settling in at 102. Just as you need to feel what you don’t want to be, so you must feel where you do want to be. You must experience that perfect weight.

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