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Dietary Guidelines Long Layered Hairstyles
Just as no one can teli you what exercises you will be able to stick with, no one can teli you what diet you’ll be able to toler-ate. You must pick a diet that is realistic for you. What you eat is more important than how much you eat. Following these basic rules will help you select a diet that supports your health:
1. Reduce your fat intake to 20 percent or less of your daily caloric intake, and limit it to olive oil and canola oil (monounsaturated); eliminate (as much as possible) animal
fats, dairy fats, butter, margarine, or any fats that are solid at room temperature (saturated fats).
2. increase the amount of fiber you eat each day.
3. increase dramatically the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat each day.
4. Learn to read labels.
5. Avoid fast food!

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