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In nature, cholesterol appears with lecithin, and the two work together to keep your blood smoothly surging through your body. If the lecithin is missing, cholesterol begins to solidify. Remember, when lecithin is heated it is destroyed. That’s why I specify raw nuts, seeds, and butter. That’s why I recommend cold pressed oil. And that’s why there’s a build up of cholesterol from roasted nuts and seeds, heat processed oils, and pasteurized dairy products.
How will it affect high blood pressure?
Because the Beverly Hills hair diet excludes salt and chemicals, and because you’ll lose weight, your blood pressure should also drop.
What do you eat?
Fruit is still the mainstay of my hair diet. I begin almost every day with it. But I rarely eat fruit all day. Lunch is often a carb or more fruit and dinner a protein. Dinner typically is an Open Meal, either carb or protein.

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