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Meats are the main source of our protein, though some also comes from plants. When we are young, protein is essential to give us the materials to grow; in later years, Long Hairstyles with Highlights protein is necessary to replace and revive injured and worn cells and tissues.
Adults can get along with surprisingly little protein, but if the minimum is not maintained three to four ounces of meat or a glass of skim milk as an example of the minimum per day deterioration will take place. Since some plants, eggs, and dairy products are sources of this food class, vegetarians can get ali the protein they need Long Hairstyles with Highlights.
Fats Give Yourself a Wirining Edge Long Hairstyles with Highlights
The human body requires only about four to six grams of fat per day. Americans consume fifteen to twenty times that amount. We should avoid fat as much as possible, limiting it to less than 20 percent of our daily caloric intake.
 Consumption of both animal and vegetable fats should be reduced. Animal fat has the added problem of raising our blood cholesterol level, which is more harmful because it is a major cause of arterioscle-rosis (hardening of the arteries), and thus heart disease and stroke.
Saturated fat (fat that is solid at room temperature) is a no-no! You should limit your fat intake to the monounsaturated fats, canola oil and olive oil, which actually lower blood levels of “bad” cholesterol. But remember that, even though these are “good” fats, they have just as many calories as the saturated fats.
Ordinary table sugar sucrose should be avoided in excess; it is high in calories, has virtually no nutrient value, and causes unnecessary weight gain.

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