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I don’t doubt it. So will ether. But neither ether nor alcohol represents an ideal sleeping potion. Exerdse works much better, gives you a better sleep, and gives you more energy for the next day.
I enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner and I have no intention of giving it up.
If you are otherwise in excellent health and get a lot of exercise, a glass of wine with dinner may not harm you. The rise in blood triglycerides may be resolved during your morning jogging.
But there is a great difference between the half-ounce of alcohol you drink in one four-ounce wineglass and the full ounce you drink with two glasses. There’s also a world of difference between a glass of wine and hard liquor, which has seven or eight times as much alcohol per volume!
* Angina customarily occurs during physical exertion or severe emotional stress.

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