Long Hairstyles For Women

If you supplement with arginine, follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendation. Also, don’t supplement with arginine for longer than several weeks. It may thicken your skin and roughen its texture, especially if dosages are excessive. Don’t take supplemental arginine if you have herpes or schizo phrenia; it can aggravate these conditions. Pregnant and lactating women should also avoid supplemental arginine.

Cysteine and Cystine

These amino acids are chemical cousins. Each molecule of cystine is constructed of two molecules of cysteine intertwined together, and either amino acid can convert to the other if needed by the body. In addition, both are sulfurcontaining amino acids involved in the formation of skin and hair.
Cysteine assists in the production of collagen and gives your skin greater elasticity. It also destroys diseasecausing free radicals and works best at this job when taken in conjunction with selenium and vitamin E.

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