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It is interesting that the same diet principles hold true whether you are trying to gain or lose weight. The idea is to get a nutritionally balanced Long Hairstyles for Weddings meal that meets your body’s caloric needs. If you are trying to lose weight, those needs are lower than what you’ve been eating by a very few calories; if you’re trying to gain, the needs are higher by a very few calories.
Roughage increases the bulk of our diet without increasing calories.
You’ll be surprised at how few calories make the difference between gain, status quo, and loss. Lowering your intake by 3,500 calories per week will knock off one pound of storage fat per week. If you are exercising off just two hundred calories per day that you Long Hairstyles for Weddings weren’t doing before you bought this book, then you have to cut out only three hundred calories a day to lose that same pound of fat in a week. That shouldn’t be too tough if you’re serious about getting into shape.

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