Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Knowingly or unknowingly, smoking in the presence of children, born or un-born, is nothing short of child abuse.
Smoking in the presence of children abuses the child by doing both physical and mental damage too often, irrevers-ible damage. Volumes of evidence are now available showing that sidestream smoke is a tremendous hazard to our health, and a far greater hazard to children, whose bodies are grow-ing, whose cells and organ systems require a greater supply of fresh, clean oxygen to develop to their maximum potential. 
Retardation of development in these maximum growth stages can never be made up in the future. If you, as a parent or grandparent, expose your children to sidestream smoke, you are harming their health and potential. If you are a nonsmoker but you take your children into areas where they are exposed to the smoke of others, you are also harming them. Sidestream smoke is not specifically related to children, but is far more damaging to children’s growing cells than to an adult’s cells.
Let’s take a look at some facts.

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