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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S. Government has stated: “Sidestream smoke is deadlier than the primary smoke inhaled by the smoker.” over four-fifths of the smoke from the cigarette goes into the air around the smoker. The sidestream smoke contains a measurably higher concentration of cancer-causing compounds than the mainstream or smoker-inhaled smoke. Studies have shown conclusively that sidestream smoke contains seven times more carbon monoxide and tar, and fifty times more ammonia, than the smoker-inhaled mainstream smoke.
Carbon monoxide blood levels of nonsmokers double when exposed to smokers, even in a well-ventilated room. In fact, one smoker in a well-ventilated room will raise the carbon monoxide levels to over double the maximum level allowed for industrial workers by the federal government.
It takes several hours for the blood levels of carbon monoxide in a child’s or an adult’s system to return to normal after being exposed to the sidestream smoke of just one cigarette.
Yale University School of Medicine has reported that nonsmoking women whose husbands smoke more than twenty cigarettes a day are over 100 percent more likely to die of lung cancer than the wives of nonsmokers. There are no figures for children yet, but the harm is probably far greater.

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