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Thus, the animal conserves its fat until spring, surviving the long winter with remarkably little weight loss because nature has reduced its metabolism to a minimum.
Much the same thing happens to us when we reduce caloric intake too much, as on a crash Long Hairstyles for Homecoming diet, and do no additional exercise. Our system cries out, “Starvation! Hibemation! 
Conservation!” and resets our metabolism to a new low. It is amazing how low that metabolism can set itself to conserve storage fat during starvation periods. I’ve seen obese people cut caloric intake to below one thousand calories per day and hardly move their weight down at ali. I’ve known people who truly suffered on their diets, just to be accused of cheating by their doctors and friends. 
No one could blame them if, after a few weeks, they said, “To hell with it,” and started eating as before. Now the system resets the metabolism again, but this time a litde lower than before, and the same amount of eating actually makes them gain more than they weighed before they started their diet.
Ifyou learn nothing else from this appendix, I hope it is that crash Long Hairstyles for Homecoming diets never work well. You may lose some weight quickiy, but you will put back more weight as soon as you go off the crash diet.

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