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HOW IS MY PARTNER HIV+? My partner and I have been together for over a year. We have been using protection without fail from day one, but recently found out that he is HIV positive and I’m negative. We had plans to get married and have children, but now I am not so sure as a result of his status. Please help me understand what could have caused this. Dear Anonymous: First of all, being diagnosed with HIV is not a death sentence. Long haircuts front and back People that are HIV positive are living full and healthy lives – they are getting married and having children even with partners who are HIV negative. So, do not feel discouraged about your future plans with your man. One of the aspects about relationships that we overlook is testing as a couple before embarking on a sexual relationship. I always encourage people to test together before they have sex. Chances are your partner was already HIV positive and unaware of it when you met. The reason you have not been infected is you have been using protection. I encourage you to support your partner. Make sure that the CD4 count blood test is done; and if it is below 500, he must start antiretroviral treatment. Do not give up on your future.

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