Long Haircuts For Women

Long hair is symbol of femininity and beauty throughout the history. But if you begin to think that your long hair became boring and you don’t want to go for big chop, you can get inspired by trendy long haircuts. You should choose your hairstyle according to your face shape. There is flattering long haircut for every face type.


Long Haircuts For Women With Long Faces

Women with long faces should get haircuts with lost of layers around the cheekbone and chin. Long wavy look suits best to women with long faces.


Long Haircuts for Women With Round Faces

If you have a round face, you should make effort to keep your hair below the shoulders. Its not very good idea to cut lots of layers around your face.


Long Haircuts for Women With Oval Faces

Women if Oval faces can pretty much have any hairstyle in the world. They should only avoid hairstyles that might make their head appear too big. They can have layers, bangs and wavy haircuts.


Long Haircuts for Women With Heart-Shaped Faces

This face type can also be little tricky. If a woman with heart-shaped face wants to wear her hair long, she should have lots of long layers. She should take attention down from her chins. Side swept bangs also flatters to this face type very much.


Long Haircuts for Women With Square Faces

Unlike women with long faces, women with square faces can carry long hair very well. They can have very long hair, long layers, layers around the face. Only thing they should avoid is blunt bangs which will make their face look very harsh.

Long Haircuts For Women

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