Long hair shag haircuts

Garlic juice or Onion juice or Ginger juice. Method Take required cloves of garlics. Blend them in blender to make a fine paste. Squeeze them to extract the juice. Apply garlic juice on scalp and hair. Leave it overnight. Wash in the morning thoroughly. Else apply ginger juice on hair.

Take required quantity of ginger.

Peel the skin from the ginger and remove them. Blend the ginger in the blender to make a fine paste. Squeeze and Extract the juice from paste.

Apply the juice on the hair and scalp.

Leave it on overnight.

Wash in the morning.




Hibiscus flower.

Indian Gooseberries.


Take one cup of fresh henna leaves.

Make a fine paste by blending them in blender.

Alternately take required quantity of henna powder.

Add Gooseberries to it.

Add five or six hibiscus flowers to it.

Blend them to a fine paste.

Add half cup of curd the paste.

Mix well to make an even paste.

Apply it on the hair and scalp

Leave it for about an hour before shampooing.

Regular usage will make hair stronger and better looking.

Henna is suitable for dark colored hair since it leaves hair red color.



Olive Oil.

Cinnamon powder.


Take two tablespoons of honey.

Take two tablespoons of olive oil.

Mix both honey and equal parts of olive oil.

Add fresh cinnamon powder to it Blend them to a smooth paste.

Apply on hair.

Let it stay for 20 minutes.

Wash with warm water.

Apply this mixture regularly.

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