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If you learn nothing else from this appendix, I hope it is that crash diets never work well. You may lose some weight quickly, but you will put back more weight as soon as you go off the crash diet. Quick weight loss is usually temporary. The relative starvation that is required can be extremely dangerous. When you go on a crash diet, you not only take off storage fat, you also break down muscle and vital organ tissue. Break your cycle of fast weight loss and regaining.
There is growing evidence that high-fiber diets reduce the incidence of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, obesity, and colon cancer.
Also, dieting without vigorous exercise can be futile. A human being who goes on a crash diet without exercising is like a hibemating bear. When animals go into hibernation, Long Formal Hairstyles they have tremendous deposits of storage fat. During hibernation, they make few energy demands on this storage fat just like us, when we are sedentary in our activity. 
During hibernation, the animal stops eating, just like we do when we go on another one of those fad crash diets. Now the hibemating ani-mal’s system goes Long Formal Hairstyles into a conservation phase. its system says, “It’s starvation time again. Conserve storage fat. Burn only what is absolutely necessary to maintain basic life functions!”

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