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Furthermore, the procedure is rarely covered by insurance. Perhaps if your hair loss can be related to an accident or an illness and its treatment for example, cancer treatment by radiation, or severe scarring insurance may be persuaded to Long, Curly Updos Hairstyles 2015 cover the replacement. It will probably take many letters and arguments to convince them. In the great mzyority of cases, the patient will have to foot the bili for transplant surgery. The cost can be up to $15,000, depending on how many Long, Curly Updos Hairstyles 2015 procedures are required. In ali fairness, a small series of surgeries may cost as litde as $2,000 to complete.
The more complicated procedures, with lots of scalp to cover, may take as long as three years to complete. But, in spite of ali the cost, time, and pain that may be involved, Long, Curly Updos Hairstyles 2015 over a quarter-million men in America elect to have one form or another of hair replacement surgery.
The major principle involved is moving hair that is not sensitive to DHT hair that is resistant to the Terminator, so to speak and moving it to the affected areas. The surgeon redis-tributes these resistant follicles to the bald and thinning areas where, because of their resistance to DHT, the transplanted hair will grow for the entire life of the patient.

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