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Each surgical method has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Two types of donor grafts can be taken: macrografts, which are cylindrical- or Long Curly Tousled Hairstyles 2015 elliptical-shaped plugs of skin (with the hair growing out of the end of the cylinder or ellipse of tissue), or micrografts (or the closely related minigrafts). Macrografts are lA inch in Long Curly Tousled Hairstyles 2015 diameter at the end of the cylinder or ellipse, and contain ten to twenty hairs. Micrografts, on the other hand, are the smallest plugs, consisting of just one or two hairs, while minigrafts are twice the size at three to Long Curly Tousled Hairstyles 2015 four hairs.
The surgeon uses a device not unlike the tool you might use to remove plugs of grass from your lawn for easy spring planting of flowers. Of course, the surgeon’s instrument is much smaller just big enough to pull a Vk-inch macrograft of hair from the donor site. And, Long Curly Tousled Hairstyles 2015 just as you dig a small hole to receive a transplanted flower, the surgeon makes a tiny hole in the scalp where it is to receive the transplanted macroplug or graft of hair.

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