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The biggest problem with medicirials is that, for successful treatment, the patient must make a lifelong commit-ment to utilizing the drugs on a strict, unforgiving schedule. Key-word: forever!
To determine whether minoxidil will regrow your hair will require religious use several times daily for at least four to six months. Interruption of its use will let the scalp revert to its premedicated status. The best candidates for this topical treatment are men between the ages of twenty and thirty who are not completely bald, are not bald at the temples, and have been losing hair for less than five years. The crown seems to be the ideal target for minoxidil treatment, responding best if the area of baldness is small less than 1 inch in diameter. Temples do not seem to respond to minoxidil, and frontal prognosis is guarded.
Twice-a-day use for life is the minimum treatment, to the cost of up to $1,000 per year if the treatment area is sizable. It is considered a cosmetic and an elective treatment by insurance companies, so it is unlikely to be covered, leaving the total expense to the patient.

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