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If you look at the hair on the head of a doll, you will see that the hairs sprout from clumps in rows, like corn growing in fields. When the macrografts are placed in rows on the scalp, they have a “doll’s hair” look to them. To prevent this some-what obvious Long Curly Half Updos Hairstyles 2015 appearance of transplantation, the mini- and micrografts are placed along the hairlines to give them a natural look. Today, surgeons tend to use the elliptical macrografts in place of the cylindrical ones to help prevent an artificial Long Curly Half Updos Hairstyles 2015 appearance.
A skilled surgeon can place fifty to sixty macrografts in one session. Depending on the degree of baldness, the entire procedure can take anywhere from one to five (or more) ses-sions. Sessions should not be scheduled closer than three months apart from each other. The cost for each session of fifty macrografts can range from $1,000 up to a staggering $3,500. As a rule, the lighter the hair, the fewer grafts will have to be used; the darker the hair, the more contrast there is between the scalp and the hair, and more hair is needed to hide the scalp. Men with very dark hair will probably need more of Long Curly Half Updos Hairstyles 2015 the minigrafts or micrografts put in at the hairline to make it look natural. Also, men who have a natural wave or curl to their hair have an advantage because the wave or curl provides extra volüme to hide the scalp. Often, men with straight hair will have wave or curl put into their hair with a periodic permanent to give them added volüme and coverage.
Studies have shown that if a patient starts using minoxidil twice a day within forty-eight hours of the surgery, the hair in the grafts will not tend to fail out and regrowth begins almost immediately. Without minoxidil applications, some hair falls out and new growth is delayed for Long Curly Half Updos Hairstyles 2015 about three months.

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