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Another name for fiber is roughage. Fiber is not a nutrient per say, but is vital to our diet and well-being. Roughage increases the bulk of our diet without increasing calories. It is provided by the indigestible “skeleton,” or shells and husks (outer coat-ings), of vegetation. Often this valuable portion of the vege-table foods we eat has been thrown away. When wheat is ground into flour, the husks of the grain are typically dis-carded. 
The same is true of rice; whole rice (brown rice) is shelled and made into white rice. This increases the caloric content for a given volüme of grain that we eat, and discards valuable bulk that our system needs.
Now whole-grain cereals, rices, and Long, Curly Hairstyles breads have come into their own. Not only is whole-grain food lower in calories, but it contains far more of its original vitamin and mineral value, and the roughage aids tremendously in proper digestion.
Roughage also absorbs water and sugar in the intestines, bind-ing it and reducing its absorption into the blood. Thus it helps keep blood sugar and fat levels lower, in turn reducing fat deposition. Roughage helps the body maintain regular bowel function and elimination of waste material; a person Long, Curly Hairstyles who con-sumes sufficient fiber will have litde need for laxatives. In addition, there is growing evidence that high-fiber diets reduce the incidence of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, obesity, and colon cancer.
A person who eats a well-balanced diet will have no need for vitamin suppiements.

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