Long, Curly Hairstyles with Highlights

Long, Curly Hairstyles with Highlights Haircuts And Hair Care

One of the growing tragedies of today’s society is our reliance on prescription drugs. Tranquilizers, antidepressants, and other
mind-altering drugs are being abused at an epidemic rate. Part of this is the fault of incompetent or careless physicians. Part of it is because patients take advantage and scheme to get more of these medications than their physicians ever intended. 
If your doctor has had you on a mind-altering drug for more than a few weeks and is not carefully monitoring you working with you to get you off of the medication consider getting a second opin-ion as to your need for the drug. If you are getting these drugs without your doctor’s knowledge, seek help to kick a habit that can become almost as devastating to you as addiction to any of the aforementioned substances. These medications can help your hair drop out just as much as they help you drop out.

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