Long Curly Hairstyles for Homecoming

Long, Curly Hairstyles for Homecoming Haircuts And Hair Care

Scalp Expanslons and Extenslons
This is a rather bizarre procedure designed to expand the area of scalp covered by healthy, viable, thick hair to make it available to cover adjacent bald spots. A silicone bag is placed inside a pocket that the surgeon fashions under a portion of the scalp that is covered with thick hair. The pocket is then sutured shut, enclosing the bags under the scalp. 
Then the bag is progressively expanded over several weeks by periodically injecting water into it through a special valve, placed under the skin, that accepts a hypodermic needle. As the water is added over the next six weeks, the bag inflates in increments, gradually expanding and stretching the hair-covered scalp, increasing the amount of hair-bearing skin available to cover existing bald areas.
Obviously, hair-restoratiori medications aren’t for everyone.
After about six weeks, when maximum stretching has been accomplished, the silicone bag is removed; the consider-ably expanded skin is stretched over the bald area and grafted onto sections of scalp that have been stripped away. Again, transplantation of supplemental macrografts can be used to fiil in any remaining bare area.

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