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Each galeoplasty procedure will cost up to $2,000, and the price of any transplantation of macrografts and mini- or micrografts will be added to that figüre.
Scalp Flaps
In this operation, a large section of bare scalp is removed from the fringes of the bald area, and a flap of donor scalp (of the same size) is freed up on three sides, leaving it on a small pedicle (attachment at the remaining edge) to nourish the flap. The donor Long Curly Formal Hairstyles 2015 scalp is then swung into the “scalped” area, thus reducing the area of the bald section. The edges of the donor site are then brought together to close the vacated spot. Small grafts will be Long Curly Formal Hairstyles 2015 required to cover scar tissue and surrounding bare fringes, and to give a more natural appearance.
This maneuver has some inherent disadvantages. When used at the frontal bald area, its straight edge does not look natural; micro- and minigrafts are needed in considerable number to create a normal-looking hairline and to hide resul-tant scaring. Also, by swinging the flap, the hair will grow in a Long Curly Formal Hairstyles 2015 direction not usual for the area, creating some styling problems. Your surgeon should be able to predict any problems that a scalp flap procedure might cause you, and this should be thoroughly discussed. Make sure you also discuss cost, which, depending on size, can range from $3,000 to $10,000 additional transplantation of grafts not included!

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