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Scalp Reduction Long Curly 2015 Hairstyles for Weddings 
This procedure is also known as galeoplasty. The ideal candi-date for this procedure is a patient who may not have enough donor hair to cover a well-defined bald spot at the vertex, of less than 3 inches in width. The scalp reduction actually removes an Long Curly 2015 Hairstyles for Weddings ellipse of scalp at the çenter of the crown, then brings together the edges of the remaining scalp to narrow the bald spot and reduce the area of the crown hair loss. Usually, 10 or 12 square inches of bare scalp may be eliminated (leaving an ellipse of 2 inches at its widest and 7 inches in length). With this reduction of Long Curly 2015 Hairstyles for Weddings area, the donor site is more likely to afford enough graft to cover the bald crown. If there is stili too litde donor hair available, successive galeoplasties can often be performed to progressively reduce the bald area.

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