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Wigs date back to the fourth century, to the ancient Egyp tians, who shaved their heads to prevent insect infestation. Long curls hair styles 2015 Egyp tian wigs were fashioned from palm and wood fibers, animal hair, even precious metals and secured to the scalp with beeswax. Since ancient times, wigs have evolved to become an important cosmetic adomment with a wide variety of uses.

Used to be, wîgs were fuddy duddy, fake looking hats of long curls hairstyles. Not any more New technologies in design and fit have made today‘s wigs mdistinguishabîe from a real head of hair. The key is selecting a wig that fits your face and head and is professionally designed.

Wigs come in various sizes, or you can order a custom fitted wig. Thus, when buying a wig, make sure the seller measures your head. That way, you’U get a better fit. Mail order wig companies usually provide a step by step guide for self measuring.

You can purchase wigs that are either styled or women long curls hairstyles. Unstyied wigs have been cut, shaped, or curled. Afi you have to do is comb, brush, or pick them. Or you can go to a professional wig stylist for some extra finishing work.

A styled wig needs no styling on your long curls hairstyles. It comes ready to wear. Just put it on and voil, you Ve ready to go.

Another advantage of wigs: You can own several and thus change your look to match your mood or the occasion, or make a complete personality change, depending on the situation.

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