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Smokers die of emphysema at a much higher rate than nonsmokers. Smokers suffer a much higher rate of bronchitis, pneumonia, upper airway infections, allergies, colds, flus, sinüs infections, and other lingering respiratory illnesses compared to nonsmokers. Not only can these diseases cause lingering deaths, but they can cripple people to the point of being un-able to care for themselves, be productive, or enjoy even life’s simplest pleasures. 
The death toll from chronic obstructive lung disease is about 50,000 Americans per year.
Smokers have about five times the normal risk of dying from mouth cancer. Smokers suffer almost ten times the normal risk of dying from cancer of the larynx. Smokers also have a Long Chic Hairstyles far higher incidence of dying from cancers of the urinary bladder, pancreas, breasts, and almost every other part of the body. Now, aren’t you glad you are a nonsmoker?
If you are pregnant and smoke, your chance of having a miscarriage, a stillbirth, a prematüre baby, a sick baby, or a baby with birth defects is significanüy higher. A recent study has shown that 70 percent of ali Sudden Infant Death Syn-drome (SIDS) tragedies occur in cases where the mother smoked during her pregnancy. In a large proportion of the remaining 30 percent, the mothers were exposed to smoking by spouses, co-workers, or other acquaintances Long Chic Hairstyles.

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