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Sidestream (second-hand) smoke kills up t o 50,000 nonsmokers each year.
Sidestream smoke is far more deadly and poisonous than the mainstream smoke that the smoker inhales. When a ciga-rette, cigar, or pipe is smoldering, you will notice that the lit portion is a gray color Long Blonde Hairstyles 2015. its temperature is only around 250 degrees. The smoke pollution coming off its lit end and filling the air around it is cool, and contains hundreds of lethal chemical components. 
When the smoker draws on the ciga-rette, cigar, or pipe, the rush of air passing through the lit end suddenly brings it to life with a hot red glow, and the temperature jumps to over 1,000 to 1,200 degrees. Burning is far more efficient at 1,000 degrees than at 250 degrees. At the higher temperatures, many of the lethal chemicals are burned up, so there are fewer of them in the smoke coming off the burning Long Blonde Hairstyles 2015. 
Therefore, sidestream smoke has up to ten times more tar, ten times more carbon monoxide, fifty times more benzene in fact many, many more times ali of the thousands of poisonous chemical substances in tobacco smoke.

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