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Ray Ann
Ray Ann is twenty-seven, a homemaker, and has been married to a Norwood V for three years.
The Psychology of Hair Loss and Baldness
“If I didn’t like bald men, I’d be in real trouble. My husband is really bald just a fringe around the back from temple to temple. He was that way when I met him. I was twenty-two at the time and worked in his law office. He was thirty-two at the time one of the old men and a bachelor. There were lots of younger lawyers there, and everyone had more hair than Dan; that’s his name.
“I was attracted to him from the minute I first saw him. I’m not sure why. He just always had a smile for everyone would ask questions about you with real interest. Not the least pompous like the other lawyers, who didn’t even bother to leam the names of the girls in the secretarial pool. Dan was different. He knew everyone Long Black Hairstyles with Bangs 2015 and seemed to really be interested. And he didn’t try to come on to you either. It wasn’t that kind of interest. Actually, he was kind of shy that way. 
Long Black Hairstyles with Bangs 2015 I think I was in love with him before we ever went out together. He’d come to my desk and ask how I was feeling, getting along. I’d teli him what I’d be doing over the weekend, and on Monday he’d remember to ask how the weekend went ask ali about it, really wanting to know. One day he asked me for a date and I said yes so fast we both had to laugh, even though it was embarrassing.
Long Black Hairstyles with Bangs 2015 “We just hit it off great. He had a wonderful sense of humor; we were engaged in three months, married in six. He’s been wonderful, and I think his baldness is a big part of it. It goes with his sense of humor. His clients love him, too. I’ve never heard one of them request an attomey with more hair on his head.”

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